What is the meaning of Lots and Lot Size?


The size of the contract in case of forex trading also frequently is referred to as lots and lot size. As it isn’t interesting to trade with one unit at a time, there are different kinds of contract sizes available, dependent on the extent of availability of the forex trader’s capital. It speaks for itself [...]

Buying and selling Currencies


Since in case of forex trading currencies are always traded in pairs, always two transactions are taking place simultaneously. It so happens that at the same time a currency is bought and sold. In case of the price of EUR/USD two variants are possible: You buy EUR and at the same time you sell USD [...]

What are Currency Pairs


While trading currencies, always two transactions will take place simultaneously. This has to do with the fact that currencies are always traded in pairs, named the so-called currency pairs. A well-known example of a currency pair is EUR/USD. The first mentioned currency as part of a currency pair is also called the base currency and [...]

The Major Currencies

major currencies percentages

There are seven currencies which are being traded each day by far the most of all. These are referred to as the so called “Major Currencies”. No less than at least 85% of the entire daily currency trade consists of one of these seven currencies. The major currencies *** As a transaction always concerns a [...]

The participants in the forex market


After the forex market turned into a free market in 1971, based on supply and demand, there has been a lot of speculation in the currency market. Nowadays the currency market consists for about 80% of speculative purposes! In this article the different participants in the forex market will be discussed. The most important participants [...]

The history of the forex market

forex market

The currency market, as we know it nowadays, of course has not always been like this. As from 1972 currency trading is based on supply and demand and we know private forex traders only since 1997. In this article the history of forex trading will be clarified, so that you’ll get a better view on [...]

Forex versus online poker


By means of the article “Online forex trading versus investing in shares” you could already have obtained a rather nice image of the possibilities concerning online forex trading. In this article we’re going to take a look at the similarities and differences between online forex trading and online poker. Recently the backgrounds of the most [...]

Forex versus investing in stocks

forex vs stocks

If I’m not mistaken by now you should already have an impression of online forex trading. However comparatively few people know of online forex trading, but almost everyone is reasonably well informed about investing in stocks. In itself this is not that surprising, since until recently it has not been possible for private individuals to [...]

What is online forex trading?

online forex trading

Online forex trading is also being called currency trading. Like the description already mentions it; it’s about trading currencies. Online forex trading is increasingly getting more known, but what’s the reason that online forex trading is that popular and how can you manage to trade on the currency market in a profitable way? It isn’t [...]

Online Forex Strategy Disclaimer

The objective of this website is to give information with regard to online forex trading and online binary option trading. Although I do my utmost to publish only good and reliable information, I don’t accept any liability whatsoever for actions which are undertaken based on this information. Therefore using this information is at one’s own [...]