Keep it simple in case of forex trading!

Like you already have been able to read in the article “Online Forex Trading is simple”, it’s very important for you to dispose of the right mindset with regard to online forex trading. In the articles to come I’ll therefore go into this more thoroughly. In this article I’m going to discuss the importance of simplicity in case of online forex trading. It so happens that many forex traders are in danger to fall into the trap, as a result of the fact that they are makings things far too complicated for themselves.

If you want to eventually become a successful online forex trader, you’ll have to keep things simple and you’ll have to set yourself to work purposively. To be able to achieve this, a good forex trading system could be an effective aid, but you also definitely should be aware of the pitfalls which are waiting for you around the corner.

A forex trading system with simple and clearly defined rules

In actual practice you’ll discover that you’ll get involved with emotional feelings like for instance fear or becoming overconfident. This could have a great impact on the way you, as a forex trader, are judging a situation at that very moment. The problem is, that you can’t eliminate emotions, because you simply happen to be a human being and that will never change. Nevertheless you could resolve to do your utmost to keep your emotions under control or at least you could see to it that these emotions will not influence your decisions.

A good forex trading system could consequently be an important aid to achieve this aim. When you’re using a forex trading system, during which process you continuously apply simple and clearly defined rules, there will be little space left for your own interpretations, because the situation will be the same all the time. The positive result of this situation lies in the fact that emotions are not only playing a much minor role, but in any case have no significant influence on decisions like for instance those concerning a trade setup.

The OFS Trading System has been developed to such an extent, that each time you’re going to trade the same pattern according to the same simple rules. Especially for beginners this is an ideal starting point, because they don’t need to judge certain situations by themselves, as they only have to judge if a situation meets the necessary conditions.

Be selective as far as gathering knowledge goes

Not only during forex trading itself you ought to keep things simple, but the same goes for gathering knowledge about online forex trading. Many beginning forex traders are very enthusiastic and they want to learn about forex as much as possible. This appears to be very positive, but on the other hand eventually this could become a big pitfall!

It’s extremely important that knowledge has an added value, for otherwise there always will be the pitfall lying in wait for you if you try to enforce everything and to make things too complicated. If for example you’re going to get to work with the OFS Trading System, there is no added value if among other things you are going to get engrossed in technical indicators like RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence-Divergence), as these indicators do not add anything to the improvement of your win ratio, but at least they do make things extra complicated. On the other hand it might be useful to engross yourself in matters like price action, market sentiment, fundamental analysis to substantiate, etc.

Be aware of the fact that there is a considerable chance that you’ll be eager to put all the things you learned into practice, so always consider beforehand if all this is of sufficient use to you.


By now you’ve got a global view why simplicity is quite important in case of online forex trading. In the next article I’ll go into this matter more profoundly and I’ll provide you with a number of important guidelines to see to it that you don’t throw your forex career overboard before it has even started!

Summary of the article series “Forex Trading is simple!”:

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