What are simple moving averages

forex simple moving averages

Simple moving averages, also called SMA’s, are lines which represent the average of a price over a specific period. With the OFS Trading System we apply the simple moving averages to judge whether a trend is really suitable enough to be used in search of good quality trade setups. In addition to this application we [...]

Support and Resistance Levels


The forex support and resistance levels make up a very important part of the technical analysis of a forex trader. Some forex traders even claim that they are trading forex in a profitable way purely based on important support and resistance levels! As you could have read in the introduction of technical analysis, in fact [...]

Forex Market Dynamics: Uptrend, Downtrend and Range


A currency pair can move in three different ways. There is always a question of an uptrend, a downtrend, or no trend at all, also known as range. It’s very important for a forex trader to have a clear view of this so-called market dynamics beforehand. Uptrend A currency pair is in an uptrend when [...]