Optimal route and realistic expectations of the OFS Trading System

Recently I often get questions, like: “How many trading setups can I trade monthly using the OFS Trading System?” or: “What’s the monthly win ratio / return using the OFS Trading System?”. These are very logical questions, however giving an unequivocal answer to these questions is hardly possible. That’s the reason why I decided to write a couple of articles, in which I’ll consider at length the optimal route you can pass through with employing the OFS Trading System and what could be your realistic expectations per phase.

Advantages and disadvantages of the basic version of the OFS Trading System

The free e-book about the OFS Trading System is a basic version, which is mainly suitable for beginning forex traders. Because of the simple and well-defined rules beginning forex traders are immediately having an appropriate forex trading system at their disposal, in case of which personal interpretation is hardly playing a role. Exactly for that reason the OFS Trading System is perfect for beginners, because this kind of set-up makes it possible for novice forex traders to be able to trade profitable on the forex market.

The disadvantage of this basic version could be that you’ll not often be present on the market because the rules to allow you to open a position are very strict. However I made this choice consciously, for letting a beginning forex trader without experience open positions based on his/her own interpretation is like letting someone, who doesn’t own a driver’s license, drive a car, which is surely asking for trouble.

Another disadvantage lies in the fact, that the basic version hasn’t yet been optimized. Because of the simple and well-defined rules you’ll not be able to anticipate on different situations, whereas actually there surely could be a matter of quite different situations. So on the long run you’re definitely going to make profits, but the win ratio will even be a lot higher when you’ll indeed be capable to anticipate on the actual situation.

Like I indicated before, I kept the e-book about the OFS Trading System as simple and clear as possible, to be sure that the forex trading system is sufficiently joining the target audience for the benefit of whom this e-book has been written, namely the beginners.

The OFS Trading System offers a lot more possibilities!

However the possibilities of the OFS Trading System are a lot more extensive. At this you can think of improving your win ratio by gaining more in-depth knowledge about certain aspects, as well as increasing the number of trade set ups by using other important support/resistance levels. In both cases however you’ll first have to gain more knowledge and experience.

Whether you are a beginning forex trader, or you have been active on the forex market for a longer period, the OFS Trading System offers a lot of possibilities for both target groups. Though it surely is important that you cover the right route to be able to obtain as much as possible from this forex trading system as well as to cherish realistic expectations concerning this system at the same time.

The optimal route to get the maximum out of the OFS Trading System

In the next articles I’ll go deeper into the optimal route to get the most from the OFS Trading System. Per phase I’ll not only clarify the subjects in which you can absorb yourself, but I’ll also inform you about realistic expectations concerning the number of trade setups and a indication of the matching win ratio.

In each article I’ll discuss one phase at great length according to the following schedule:

  • Phase 1: Basic version of the OFS Trading System
  • Phase 2: Gaining more in-depth knowledge of the basic version of the OFS Trading System
  • Phase 3: Choosing currency pairs and timeframes
  • Phase 4: Extensive version of the OFS Trading System
  • Phase 5: The route to perfection
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