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forex-candlesticks-made-easy-reviewIn the article “Candlesticks and Momentum” you can read about the foundation of forex candlesticks, but you can get quite a lot more information out of the forex candlesticks themselves. When you want to learn more about candlesticks and price action in general, I advise you to read the e-book “Forex Candlesticks Made Easy”, written by Chris Lee. Moreover this e-book perfectly connects to the basic version as well as the extensive version of the OFS Trading System.

During the last few years I have been reading several e-books about forex candlesticks, but for various reasons I personally judged the e-book Forex Candlesticks Made Easy as being far out the best publication about forex candlesticks.

Pleasant writing style

Though most e-books and articles about forex can be fairly tough material, this is absolutely not the case regarding the e-book Forex Candlesticks Made Easy. From the very first moment the author, Chris Lee, knows how to hold the reader in his grip and you’ll notice that consequently you’re going to finish the e-book in less than no time.

Very clear explanation, including a lot of examples

I was in serious doubt to write an extensive series of articles about forex candlesticks and price action myself, but eventually I decided not to do this. The reason of this decision was my conviction that I wouldn’t be able to handle this subject in a better way than Chris Lee has done in his e-book Forex Candlesticks Made Easy.

When I read this e-book for the first time, I was enthusiastic at once, but allow me to warn you a bit in advance: The way Chris uses to explain it, it seems that simple that you might think that it’s too good to be true. Nevertheless I can assure you that the examples which he handles in his book, will be encountered by you on a daily scale.

All you have to know about forex candlesticks and price action

Forex candlesticks made easyIn terms of content his e-book is very complete and it’s structure is also of high quality. Before the single candlesticks will be handled, first the basics will be explained to people who still haven’t any idea what candlesticks are supposed to be. Then the most important candlestick patterns, different kinds of forex candlesticks which are related to each other, will be discussed.

After having finished chapter two, you’ll notice that you already know quite a deal of information about forex candlesticks, but in chapter three Chris Lee is going to take another step further and he learns you how to be able to combine candlesticks with other important price levels, like support and resistance levels and other well-known patterns which are offering a higher success rate. In chapter four you’ll also learn how to go looking for trade setups based on the forex candlesticks.

A very good addition to the OFS Trading System

The e-book Forex Candlesticks Made Easy is also a very good addition to the basic version as well as the extensive version of the OFS Trading System. If I have to advise an e-book, as a result of which you’ll be able to reach a higher win ratio with the OFS Trading System, it’s going to be this e-book!

The OFS Trading System happens to be a forex trading system which is based on price action and especially in case of the extensive version this knowledge about forex candlesticks and price action could be tremendously contributing to your advantage!


The price should be no obstacle, because the e-book Forex Candlesticks Made Easy only costs $37 and besides you’ll get a 60 days money return guarantee if the book shouldn’t meet your expectations. The price is very cheap compared with the knowledge which you should have obtained after having read this e-book!

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