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professional forex toolNowadays there are a lot of forex tools on the market. In daily practice however, it’s not of any use at all that a forex tool is disposing of all the newest kinds of so called “gadgets”, but the main thing is that a forex tool is really disposing of a genuine added value!

To my opinion The Professional Forex Tool is the best forex tool which is available nowadays, because it contains all the important functions, which a forex trader needs in daily practice to succeed on the forex market.

Automatic riskmanagement

When applying the Professional Forex Tool, the only thing you’ll have to do is filling in the risk percentage per trade and then this forex tool will automatically calculate the amount that you are allowed to risk and this goes also for the matching lot size. Everything is fully automatized and it takes place within a few seconds, as a result of which you don’t need to make difficult and time-consuming calculations anymore!

Different take profit levels

Applying the Professional Forex Tool you’ll be able to split up a position into two parts and consequently you’ll also be able to set up different take profit levels. This option is very appropriate if you’re trading with the OFS Trading System, as this way you don’t have to keep sitting behind your screen in order to manually monitor and manage two different positions.

With the Professional Forex Tool the positions are automatically being closed when the beforehand adjusted take profit levels are being reached. So you can just only once fill in the different take profit levels in advance and the rest goes entirely automatically!

Automatically moving stop loss

risk professional forex toolAs you can adjust the take profit levels in advance, it’s also possible to set up your stop loss being moved to break even, as soon as a beforehand fixed price level has been reached. So from that very moment you consequently are going to have a risk-free trade and the position is going to be closed, as soon as this position either touches the stop loss level or the beforehand adjusted take profit level. Even this will be going entirely automatically, so also in this case you don’t have to keep sitting behind your screen!

The next important news publication

News indicatorApplying the OFS Trading System it’s important that you shouldn’t open a position in case of an important news publication. This way you’ll see to it, that your stop loss is not unnecessary being hit by the short term effect of an important news publication. Having the news feature of the Professional Forex Tool at your disposal, you’ll always beforehand have a survey concerning the next important news publication, including the impact which could be expected.

A great advantage of this feature is that in case of each currency pair you are automatically going to get a view of the news publication, which is applying to this specific currency pair.

Visible how long it takes before a candlestick is closing

Many forex traders use to wait to open a position until a candlestick has been finally closed. Applying the Professional Forex Tool you’ll see at a glance how long it takes before a candlestick will be going to close. This feature automatically adjusts itself when it’s about the timeframe which you’re observing at that very moment.

The Professional Forex Tool is very user-friendly

Apart from the many options which are inherent in employing the Professional Forex Tool, this forex tool is also very user-friendly. Consequently, when opening a position, you’ll only have to fill in your risk rate, your entry and your stop loss and then the amount as well as the lot size will be automatically calculated. The same principle applies to adjusting the take profit levels beforehand and to automatically moving the stop loss.


Thanks to the features of the Professional Forex Tool, online forex trading is becoming a lot easier. You don’t have to hesitate joining in, because the price should not be an obstacle, as the Professional Forex Tool costs $47 once-only. Besides you’ll get a 60 days money return guarantee if this forex tool shouldn’t meet your expectations.

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