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In the article “Introduction to fundamental analysis” I already indicated that in my opinion the Icarus course is by far the best education concerning this subject. Nevertheless I would underestimate the author restricting myself to this statement, as this education involves a lot more than just a good course about the market sentiment and fundamental analysis.

When I purchased the Icarus Project last year, in fact I was purely interested in the chapters about fundamental analysis and the market sentiment, because I wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge concerning these subjects. I already had been reading several e-books written by Chris Lee and I consequently already knew that he has proven being able to explain difficult matters in a simple and straight language. Because of reading the preview I already got a pretty good picture of his way of dealing with things as well as of the subject matters to be discussed. Consequently my expectations were pretty high when I started this forex course and I was not in the least disappointed.

Icarus Project – a very complete forex course

Icarus Project reviewThe Icarus project is a very complete forex course, divided into six different modules, excluding the introduction and the foundation. Every week you’re getting access to a new module and this has been arranged this way in order to see to it that you’ll have a thorough command of all subject matters before you’re going to continue with the next chapter.

Introduction & Foundation

In the introduction module the structure of the course is being explained and in the foundation module it’s especially explained how to get the utmost out of this forex course by handling the right mindset. Then the foundation of forex itself will also still be a matter of discussion.

Module 1: The trader

In this chapter first of all you’ll be confronted with a mirror right before your nose. Chris explains which conditions a good trader has to meet and how to become successful on the long run. Although the contents are broadly speaking similar to the article series “Forex trading is simple“, Chris is using many striking examples, which besides being humorous also are quite confrontational and very informative.

Module 2: The market 1

In this module Chris is going deeper into the forex market itself. He explains how and why the price of a currency pair is moving and how the different economies are compared with each other. Finally you’ll be precisely provided with the knowledge which economic indicators you’ll have to monitor in order to get an exact view how an economy is functioning. You can also download the excel sheets, which are already completely filled in and are very easy to operate.

Module 3: The market 2

This module is really an eye-opener when it concerns all factors which are determining the health of an economy. This way the fiscal policy, the monetary policy, bonds, public debts and the export will be completely handled, but above all Chris shows will show you how all these factors are related to each other. Then Chris is going to extensively deal with the cash flows and the market sentiment. After having read all these subjects, this module will be concluded with the instruction how you should interpret all this information and consequently how you should determine, based on this same information, a bias, being either up or down or neutral.

Icarus GridModule 4: The Grid

In this module first support and resistance will be dealt with and after that the drawing up of a grid, in which most price action is going to take place, will get all the necessary attention. This grid will be divided into four sections to be able to determine the right entry and exits. How a grid has to be drawn up, will be extensively explained by means of the many available images.

Module 5: The account

In this module several matters will be dealt with, such as leverage and margin, but also which lot size you should apply in case of this forex trading system. Finally you’ll also learn the importance of keeping up a trading journal, in which case you’ll have the possibility to download the same trading journal that is being used by Chris himself.

Module 6: Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

In the last module still a number of factors are to be dealt with in order to gain the maximum result employing the Grid trading system. When you have purchased this forex course, you’ll consequently be able to become a member of the monthly service offered by Chris Lee, namely Pip Mavens, at a considerable discount of the member price.

Difficult subject matters explained in simple ABC language

Until this moment I haven’t yet discovered another author who, like Chris Lee, has the ability to explain these rather difficult subject matters in such an understandable and simple ABC language and who at the same time is taking care that you’ll be able to learn to apply this knowledge in the daily practice of forex trading.

Apart from this Chris doesn’t sell any nonsense whatsoever and moreover he is very straight to the point. If you prefer not te be confronted with a mirror right in front of your nose, you should stay far away from this course.

For whom is this forex course suitable?

A better question should be: for whom is this course not suitable? Whether you are a beginning or an advanced forex trader, whether you are interested in fundamental or technical analysis, in my opinion everybody should purchase this course, of course provided that your budget allows it.

Personally I’m not going to use this trading system myself, but this has to do with my personal preference and definitely not because the trading system should be inadequate, on the contrary! First of all this course was a good mirror which urged me to reflect and which convinced me that the subject matter concerning fundamental analysis and the market sentiment is of an unprecedented good quality. Besides that I do use some important elements of this course in my daily trading routine.


Of course there is a price tag attached to this forex course, but to be honest I think the price turns out to be quite reasonable and this investment deserves every bit of the money to be paid for it. I’m convinced that this course is far and away the best forex course which I have ever been following and if you want to invest in your forex career, this course surely should be heartily recommended! Especially because a “30 days satisfaction or money back guarantee” is involved in the transaction, although I strongly doubt whether you’ll end up applying for this guarantee.

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