Use Metatrader for the OFS Trading System


I personally use the Metatrader trading platform to look for trading setups. The Metatrader trading platform is very user-friendly and is offering a lot of options. In daily practice many people are also using web-based charts, like for instance Though recently I discovered that the reproduction of the moving averages is often different in [...]

Forex News Calendar


A forex news calendar is an essential tool to be applied during your daily training activities. Even when you’re trading is mainly based on technical analysis, it’s still important for you to have a clear picture of the main economic publications which could be influencing your trade. Novice forex traders are urgently advised to stay [...]

Forex versus Binary Options

forex binary options

Forex trading and binary options trading have a lot of things in common, but there also some significant differences. In this blogpost I will discuss some important advantages and disadvantages of forex and binary options trading. No complicating calculations with binary options When you trade forex then you most of the time need to make [...]

Binary Options Trading Community


A lot of people like to visit a forum or community. Now I didn’t implement a forum on this website, since it just wouldn’t have any added value, but there are a few communities that are really worth checking out. Today I would like to introduce you to the one and only binary options trading [...]