Use Metatrader for the OFS Trading System

I personally use the Metatrader trading platform to look for trading setups. The Metatrader trading platform is very user-friendly and is offering a lot of options. In daily practice many people are also using web-based charts, like for instance Though recently I discovered that the reproduction of the moving averages is often different in case of web-based charts. When you’re employing the OFS Trading System, I recommend you to use the free Metatrader trading platform.

Nowadays almost every forex broker is offering a free Metatrader trading platform. Using Metatrader, you’ll be able to examine all charts, to carry out technical analysis’s, but also to assign your orders and to manage your trading process. During the last few years the Metatrader trading platform has become quite popular and consequently this software is considered to be the most universal trading platform that exists right now.

The advantages of the Metatrader trading platform

Metatrader offers many advantages, such as:

  • You’ll be able to classify your charts the way you want to.
  • Handy surveys of the prices of currency pairs, shares, commodities and indexes.
  • Built-in newsfeed.
  • Extensive offer of technical indicators to perform technical analysis’s.
  • Possibilities to import indicators, expert advisors and templates.
  • Caused by the possibility to zoom in and enlarge the chart, you’ll be able to get an optimal clear view.

Compared with other free web-based charts or trading software, the Metatrader trading platform stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Download the Metatrader4 platform free of charge

There are a lot of forex brokers offering the possibility to open a DEMO account free of charge, but the disadvantage often occurs when you are told, that your entrance is limited to a period of 30 days and that you’re obliged to make a deposit to be able to continue right after that period. At ForexYard however you’ll be able to open a demo account and consequently you’ll be able to download the Metatrader4 platform for free. Also in this case the demo account will expire after 30 days, but it’s possible to open a new demo account without being obliged to make a deposit. Moreover ForexYard has also placed an extensive manual, describing the Metatrader trading platform, on its website.

Import the template of the OFS Trading System

I have made a template for the OFS Trading System myself, including the moving averages as well as a couple of changes in the employed colours. On the below shown picture you’ll be able to see the result.

Metatrader trading platform

(Click on the image to enlarge)

If you would like to use this template too, you’re welcome to get in touch with me through the contact form and I’ll be glad to send you the template by email. The only thing you’ll have to do is placing the template in the file: “Computers”->”Program Files”->”ForexYard Metatrader”->”Templates”.

When you open the Metatrader4 platform, you’ll have to click on a chart with the right button of your mouse and choose the option “templates”. Having done so, you’ll have to select the template of the OFS Trading System.

Use Metatrader4 when you’re working with the OFS Trading System

For some reason the moving averages on other web-based platforms, like, don’t match with the moving averages on Metatrader4. The consequence of this lack of matching ability, is that you’re going to find less setups, which, if found, in addition will also show a severe lack of quality. Apart from the fact that the Metatrader trading platform has many additional advantages, it should be an absolute must for the users of the OFS Trading System.

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