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In addition to the importance of being informed about the main economic publications by means of a forex news calendar, it’s also sensible to have a clear view of the market sentiment and the factors which could affect your trades. In this article I’ll attend to a number of useful websites, where you can go to find appropriate forex news and market analysis’s.

Market analysis’s for beginning forex traders

ForexYard NewsI strongly advice novice forex traders to read the daily market analysis’s published by ForexYard. It so happens, that ForexYard is especially aimed at beginning forex traders and this can also be retrieved in their extensive daily market analysis’s. In simple language you can read everything about the market sentiment, the current factors influencing the market as well as a survey of the most important economic publications, including a clarification.

Anyway the market analysis’s of Forex Yard are updated about three times a day, as a result of which you’ll keep thoroughly informed of the most recent news. For the benefit of traders, who are particularly employing technical analysis, like in case of the OFS Trading System, these market analysis’s are very suitable to employ as a means of support.

Go to the website of ForexYard

(Click on “forex trading tools”->”forex news center”)

FX Street – Forex news from several news providers

FX Street newsFX Street is an comprehensive forex website, which among other things also contains forex news. The main advantage of FX Street is that they publish news from several websites. For the benefit of other websites, FX Street happens to be a nice platform to put themselves into the spotlight.

At FX Street there are more possibilities to select the news the way you want to follow it. That way you’ll be able to make a selection between news in general, but also between technical analysis’s and fundamental analysis’s. You could also make a distinction in currency pairs, commodities etc., and you could even make a selection when it’s about the news providers.

Like in case of most of the big forex websites you could also apply an rss feed to be able to easily stay informed when a new article is being published.

Go to the FX Street website.

FX EconoStats – All economic data in a row

FX EconostatsFinally I’d like to advice everyone to also add FX EconoStats of Oanda to their favorites. On this website you’ll be able to easily find a handy survey of all important economic data of the biggest economies. By means of FX EconoStats you can see in no time how an economy is doing with regard to interest rates, gross domestic product, employment, production, inflation and a lot more.

In case of FX EconoStats you’ll also be able to employ a couple of handy selection methods, such as examining the data per economy or per category, like for instance employment.

Go to the FX EconoStats website.

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