Introduction online binary options trading


Binary Options Trading is not merely one of the most recent developments in the field of online trading, but at the same time it’s very easy to handle. In this article I’ll show you how uncomplicated binary options trading really is, based on an instruction including accompanying illustrations. Binary options trading doesn’t require complicated calculations! [...]

Review Banc de Binary


When it comes to online binary options trading, Banc de Binary is by far the best binary options broker. Apart from the standard offer of Banc de Binary already being very favorable, you can already trade contracts as low as $1! Banc de Binary has a very good reputation as an online binary options broker [...]

Review Forex Candlesticks Made Easy


In the article “Candlesticks and Momentum” you can read about the foundation of forex candlesticks, but you can get quite a lot more information out of the forex candlesticks themselves. When you want to learn more about candlesticks and price action in general, I advise you to read the e-book “Forex Candlesticks Made Easy”, written [...]

Review Professional Forex Tool


Nowadays there are a lot of forex tools on the market. In daily practice however, it’s not of any use at all that a forex tool is disposing of all the newest kinds of so called “gadgets”, but the main thing is that a forex tool is really disposing of a genuine added value! To [...]

Review ForexYard


I recommend beginning forex traders to open an account at the forex broker ForexYard. ForexYard has been very innovative during the last few years and is actually sticking out with head and shoulders above its competitors in many ways! ForexYard is an EU regulated forex broker and its activities are particularly aimed at beginning forex [...]

Phase 5: The way to perfection

forex trend reversal

The way to perfection may not be quite the right qualification for the last phase, for it so happens that people just simply are not perfect. However by striving for perfection you could be able to gain the most optimal results. When it’s about this last phase of deepening the OFS Trading System, building up [...]

Phase 4: Extensive version of the OFS Trading System

Trading Setup OFS Trading System

If all went well, up till now you should have particularly been emphasizing bringing the basic version of the OFS Trading System to perfection as well as studying the forex charts from the past. The result of this is that you also have been building up more experience and consequently you’re ready to take the [...]

Phase 3: Choosing between timeframes and currency pairs

forex currency pairs timeframes

If you start practicing the basic version of the OFS Trading System, I’ll advise you to trade on higher timeframes like the 4 hours chart and higher, because these are the most reliable timeframes for beginners. However when you have completed the first two phases, you should already have gained a lot more experience and [...]

Phase 2: Deepening the basic version of the OFS Trading System

ofs-trading system basic version

If all went well, at the beginning you especially spent time learning to understand the rules of the OFS Trading System, developing the right mindset and studying trends from the past. Now the time has come to gain more in-depth knowledge about various important aspects, such as examining the big picture, integrating the market sentiment [...]

Phase 1: Basic version OFS Trading System

basic OFS Trading System

You’ve taken the first step by downloading the free e-book of the OFS Trading System, but what will be your next step? What can you expect and how will you be able to obtain the optimum result practicing the OFS Trading System? In this article I’m going to explain to you what realistic expectations you [...]