Review Icarus Project

Icarus Grid

In the article “Introduction to fundamental analysis” I already indicated that in my opinion the Icarus course is by far the best education concerning this subject. Nevertheless I would underestimate the author restricting myself to this statement, as this education involves a lot more than just a good course about the market sentiment and fundamental [...]

Review Banc de Binary


When it comes to online binary options trading, Banc de Binary is by far the best binary options broker. Apart from the standard offer of Banc de Binary already being very favorable, you can already trade contracts as low as $1! Banc de Binary has a very good reputation as an online binary options broker [...]

Review Forex Candlesticks Made Easy


In the article “Candlesticks and Momentum” you can read about the foundation of forex candlesticks, but you can get quite a lot more information out of the forex candlesticks themselves. When you want to learn more about candlesticks and price action in general, I advise you to read the e-book “Forex Candlesticks Made Easy”, written [...]

Review Professional Forex Tool


Nowadays there are a lot of forex tools on the market. In daily practice however, it’s not of any use at all that a forex tool is disposing of all the newest kinds of so called “gadgets”, but the main thing is that a forex tool is really disposing of a genuine added value! To [...]

Review ForexYard


I recommend beginning forex traders to open an account at the forex broker ForexYard. ForexYard has been very innovative during the last few years and is actually sticking out with head and shoulders above its competitors in many ways! ForexYard is an EU regulated forex broker and its activities are particularly aimed at beginning forex [...]