Candlesticks and Momentum


The advantage of a candlestick is that you’ll be able to see a lot of information in one single glance. Actually the candlesticks are telling a story and it’s up to you as a forex trader to disentangle this story. In this article I’ll show you different kinds of candlesticks to clarify this and I’ll [...]

The different forex charts

forex charts

In case of technical analysis a forex trader is always using a graph, also called a forex chart, on which the price development is reproduced. There are three kinds of forex charts, which in actual practice are the most applied, namely the so called line chart, the bar chart and the candlestick chart. In this [...]

Introduction to technical analysis


In case of the OFS Trading System at the beginning we only apply technical analysis. This form of analyzing is not only the easiest way to handle, but technical analysis also perfectly suits a forex trading system with clearly defined rules. In this article you’ll going to learn what technical analysis is all about. The [...]

The different analysis’s of a forex trader


Mainly forex traders use three different kinds of analysis’s, namely fundamental analysis’s, technical analysis’s and sentimental analysis’s, the latest also called market sentiment. Until today fierce discussions are still being held about which kind of analysis should be the best. In this article I’ll explain the foundation of these analysis’s as well as the advantages [...]

Putting the theory into practice

online forex trading

In the first article of this series I started with the statement that online forex trading is simple and I hope that I have been able to convince you by means of the preceding articles that theoretically this really is the case. In this article all important aspects are once more addressed, so you can [...]

Handle a proper risk management

forex risk management

Whether you possess a good forex trading system and whether you have the right mind-set, if you’re not employing a proper risk management, you’ll not going to be profitable in the long term. An adequate risk management has to avoid a forex trader going broke and at the same time has to see to it [...]

The importance of a long term vision

forex mindset

In the article “Probability with regard to a trading system” you have already learned how very important the influence of probability is with regard to forex trading. However probability is based on the long term. Many forex traders may acknowledge this theory, but they have trouble using it in actual practice. In this article I’ll [...]

Don’t be smart, but be effective!

forex trading

In the article “Keep it simple in case of forex trading” you could have learned why it’s important to handle a forex trading system using simple and well-defined rules and that you should be selective when it’s about gathering knowledge. In this article I’m going to explain why intelligence or gathering a lot of knowledge [...]

Keep it simple in case of forex trading!

forex trading

Like you already have been able to read in the article “Online Forex Trading is simple”, it’s very important for you to dispose of the right mindset with regard to online forex trading. In the articles to come I’ll therefore go into this more thoroughly. In this article I’m going to discuss the importance of [...]

See to it that the odds are in your favor!


In the article “Probability in case of a forex trading system” you have learned that your goal has to be to have the odds in your favor. In addition to this you have been taught about the effect of different risk/reward ratios are having on the final output. In this article we put the theory [...]